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Doctors Writing Kids Prescriptions for Hikes?


Posted:February 28, 2013

Categories:Family, Schools

In a recent article in the San Jose Mercury News, "Prescription for kids: Take a hike, the East Bay Regional Park district is engaged in an effort that would have doctors prescribed hikes for kids. In this setting, schools can create lesson plans in mathematics, reading, and science for school children to use and learn while on a park day trip or camp-out.

The East Bay Regional Park District has partnered with schools and health organizations in attempts to win a $2.6 million federal health grant and make progress in the program over the next two years.

"I realize it may seem a little offbeat to some people for a doctor to write them a prescription to take a hike in the outdoors, but it makes sense" said Dr. Richard Godfrey, a surgeon at Highland Hospital in Oakland. "We have a health system based heavily on pharmaceuticals. In truth, many people would be better off taking less medicine and getting in the outdoors more."